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Rape and the Corrupt Judicial System of Colonial America

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The definition and consequences of rape have evolved throughout the history of America to suit the mindset of the time. Records indicate that a man in the seventeenth century was convicted of attempted rape if "he used enticement and then force [toward a woman], driven by the sinful lusts that raged within him...and he allowed scare or fight him off"(Dayton 238). Unfortunately, this definition was not always taken at face value. The leading men of the seventeenth century, presumably white men, altered this definition in a variety of ways to work in their favor when accused of rape. It can be concluded from research of historical data that the reason there are fewer reported rapes against white males in the seventeenth century and more against non-white males was because women gave in to a society driven by the manipulation and dominance of white males in the judicial system. This notion is exemplified through a look into the outcome of a number of rape cases against both white men and non-white men, through an understanding of the helpless position of women, and through...

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