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Rethinking Technology in Education

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Rethinking Technology in Education

Over the past decade, many billions of dollars have been invested in computer hardware, software, and network access for our nation's schools. This unprecedented support for school technology has come about as a result of the confluence of a number influences. The historical foundations of public education in America; the introduction of the personal computer; and a cultural history that seems to make Americans particularly susceptible (though perhaps not uniquely so) to the idea that "technology is good, that it is value-free, that it should find application in many fields, disciplines, and aspects of our lives." (Kerr 1996) have come together at a time, and in a way, that has caused society to view computers in schools in a uniformly positive way. The paradigm embracing computers in schools has to this point, become so reified that teachers, administrators, and community leaders have seemingly come to view the acquisition of hardware, software, and access capabilities as an end unto itself. This paper examines technology in education by looki...

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...reports/tc/intros/in-n.htm ; Internet.

Resources for Technology Broadened Teaching and Learning:

Web and Flow Activity Formats:

Information Literacy Frameworks:

Big 6 --

Information Search Process --

Stipling/Pitts --

Information on Webquests:

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