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Drinking Water From Your Sink is Safer Than Bottled Water

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"Perrier got rich off the pretensions of small minded people who thought it set them apart from the unwashed masses. They ordered it in restaurants for the same reason they read books they don't like and go to operas they don't understand. They say to the waiter, "Perrier," to give a continental touch to their spaghetti dinner with all you can eat breadsticks." -- Harrison Ford --

The advertising of bottled water companies often implies that tap water is impure. Is your tap water safe to drink? Some people think that water straight from the faucet could contain chemicals that cause illness and even cancer, but it doesn't. Pesticides and other chemicals do not contaminate drinking water.

The Safe Drinking Water Act was passed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to allow state governments to protect the public from water contamination by establishing limits for contaminants in water sources. The Safe Drinking Water Act has certain standards that must be followed nation wide to prevent drinking water contamination. For example, every water treatment plant must run tes...

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