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Descriptive Essay - College Dorm Room

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Filthy College Dorm Room

As I lifted my head, I was greeted by at least fifty naked models, all in various X-rated positions, each eyeing me with an expression that suggested nothing but lust and desire. I stepped into the room, only to be overwhelmed with at least twenty-five more girls stripped of any trace of clothing. Although my legs were begging to walk my sickened body out the door, I brought myself together and looked at the reason I was forcing myself to stay there. I had to pee so badly, and a small, filthy toilet was only a few short steps across the chilled tile floor. My bare feet felt every speck of dirt underneath them, and I laughed at the thought that I respectfully took off my shoes before coming in. The heavy stench of mildew continued to coat my lungs so thickly I was tempted to hold my breath. I focused only on my destination and tried to figure out how anyone, even if they are college freshmen full of testosterone, could turn the walls of their dorm bathroom into a Playboy magazine.

After going about my business, I reached for the brass door-handle that would let me out of the tiny room, which consisted of the toilet, a small shower, a moldy rug, and a trash can that was overflowing with tissues and toilet paper. A few pieces of blue gum were carelessly stuck on top of the heap. I hesitated, however, to let my hand touch the door-handle in fear of what might be living on it. I took the chance and grabbed the smooth metal anyway, turned it as quickly as I could, and stepped out of the bathroom to the sink to wash my potentially diseased hands. Chad, who came with me to Joe's dorm, stood nervously in the living area, his hands hanging onto the rims of his pockets. The porcelain sink, which I am assuming...

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...e building, and took a deep breath of fresh air.

Not only did the environment of the dorm appall me, but I was thoroughly shocked that I could be so blind when it came to Joe. My mind flashed to other people in my life, and I thought about how their outside images may easily conceal their true ways. Joe's dorm made me realize that the depictions I have of a person are often misleading or simply untrue. Chad was now just behind me, and Joe was following him. Joe stopped in the doorway. As we proceeded to walk down the hallway, we passed four gray doors, each identical to Joe's.

As we neared the glass doors of the exit, Chad turned around and said to Joe, sarcastically, "Yeah I hope we didn't interrupt you. You weren't tidying up or anything, were you?"

He then replied, as he gradually closed the door, "What are you talking about, man. This place is clean."

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