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The Love Story Interpretations of Robert Frost's Poem, Wind And Window Flower

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The Love Story Interpretations of Robert Frost's Poem, Wind And Window Flower

When reading Robert Frost Poem, Wind And Window Flower, I could not help but think that love and heartache were involved. I came up with two interpretations for Wind And Window Flower. In both interpretations, the Wind and the Window Flower signify a man and a woman. My first interpretation is as follows:

Lovers, forget your love for an instance, and listen to the love of these two people. The characters in the poem are a Winter Breeze and A Window Flower. The man is the Winter Breeze. This man is a man who comes and goes, you never know exactly when he is coming or when he is going. He has a cold presence to him. The woman is the Window Flower. This woman is a mature, pretty, and warm woman. She is in full bloom, meaning she has experienced love, and is now ready for romance.

The Window Flower falls in love with the Winter Breeze. The Winter Breeze would continuously walk in and back out of the Window Flowers life. The Window Flower found that each time this occurred, she was le...

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