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Viola's Disguise in Twelfth Night

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Viola's Disguise in Twelfth Night


      As in most comedies, William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night extensively

uses disguises, masks and mistaken identities to add to the comical nature of

the play. Viola's disguise as Orsino's page, Cesario, becomes crucial to the

action in the play. Without this important element, the action in the play would

slow down dramatically, making the story much less intriguing. In addition to

making the play less interesting, the disguise is also necessary to develop the

storyline involving Sebastian, and the confusion that his return creates. It

also is vital to the conflict between Olivia and Orsino, which depends on

Viola's disguise to keep things exciting.


      Viola's disguise becomes increasing more important as the events take

place. The majority of the plot lines depend on the disguise. Without it, the

main theme of the play would be the gulling of Malvolio. In a play where most of

the characters fall in love with each other, blind to the gender and true

identity of...

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