The Effect of Germany's Cultural Factors on Marketing Essay

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The Effect of Germany's Cultural Factors on Marketing

Germany has a long history of Musical talent and interest. This interest has rubbed of into their current modern culture. Germany is the 5th largest market in the world for the sale of music records and it can be determined that music still to this day plays a significant part in their culture. Germany also has had a massive influence by television. Germany’s Television market is the largest in Europe, with 34 million household that have a TV. Around 90% of German households have cable or satellite TV, and viewers can choose from a variety of free-to-view public and commercial channels. Sport also plays a major role in German culture. Motor Racing in a number of forms, the most popular being Formula 1 and Deutcshe Tourenwagen Masters (DTM), the popularity of racing has been spurred on by the success of Michael Schumacher in F1. Soccer is also very popular with the national competition being the Bundesliga, in which many of Germany’s favourite players participate. Current German Soccer heroes include Michael Balak, Miroslav Klose and Lukas Podolski.
Germans are a practical people so if a business was to create a product for the market it would need to have a clear purpose and be seen to be of some working value. This is why practical goods are very popular in Germany. Home entertainment and personal entertainment items are also becoming of high demand, in 2006 Television set sales jumped 164% on the previous year’s sales. Also a German mobile phone company released a statement saying that on the opening day of the release of the iPhone it had sold 10,000 units, this is the most of any other mobile phone release this company has seen. These figures show that there is a trend...

... middle of paper ... said to be due to the Soccer World Cup held in Germany. When marketing our TVs a wise marketing strategy could be, to market a TV on the basis of being able to provide superior quality images for watching sports.

No major laws in Germany differ to Australia regarding mobile phones. Importing cars though there a number of criteria that need to be fulfilled before a car is roadworthy in Germany. The first being that the car must be converted from Australia’s right hand drive method to Germany’s left hand drive. Also the vehicle, by law, must pass Euro Emissions tests and Euro NCAP safety tests to a certain level of safety. Televisions do not require any changes by law but would be looked upon favourably if they were energy efficient as Germany has had a “Green” influence the past decade.


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