Essay about Burger King External Analysis

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Team Members:
Table of Content

1. Executive summary

2. Introduction.

1. Brief History.

2. Burger King Egypt.

2. Mission.

3. Forces Driving Industry Competition:

1. Determinates of entry.

1. Economies of scale.

2. Product differentiation.

3. Capital requirements.

4. Cost advantages.

2. Determinates of Supplier Power.

1. Switching cost of suppliers.

2. Impact of inputs on cost or differentiation.

3. Determinates of Buyer Power.

1. Bargaining leverage.

a. Buyer switching cost.

2. Price sensitivity

a. Price/total purchases.

b. Impact on quality.

4. Determinates of Substitution Threats.

1. Buyer propensity to substitute.

2. Relative price performance of substitute.

5. Determinates of Rivalry.

1. Brand identity.

2. Industry growth.

3. Investment in technology and restaurants.

4. Product difference.

5. Exit barrier.

4. Competitive Profile Matrix.

5. External factor Evaluation Matrix.

Executive summary:


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|Summation |  |  |  |
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-Relative price performance.

-Buyer propensity to substitute.

New Entrants


Bargaining leverage:

-Buyer switching cost

Price sensitivity:

-Price/total purchases

-Impact on quality

-Switching cost of suppliers

- Impact of inputs on cost or differentiation

- Brand identity.

- Industry growth

-Investment in technology and restaurants

-Product difference.

-Exit barrier


-Economies of scale

-Product differentiation -Capital requirements

-Cost advantages


Industry Competitors

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