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Hope for the Flowers by Trina Paulus

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Hope for the Flowers by Trina Paulus

"Hope for the Flowers" is a story about a caterpillar, Stripe, who was born in this world and lived a normal life as expected from a caterpillar: eating and growing bigger. However, he became tired of doing such routine over and over again and thought that there must be something more to life. So he left the tree which served as his home from the very start and went out to the world to wander. Yes, he was fascinated with things he saw, but he was unsatisfied, until he found a caterpillar pillar rising up the sky with the top impossible to see. He wanted to go up also and reach the peak of the pillar, and that goal became a frustration. He was eager to reach that goal: the top.
Stripe has a goal: to reach the top of the pillar, and that makes him similar to each one of us. We have a particular goal in life: to attain perfect happiness. Just like Stripe, who gets tired of his everyday routine, we also get tired of what we keep on doing and thinks that there must be something more to life out there. We wanted to go out and discover, to find out s...

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... At times, we do our best to attain the goal but we fail. Every person have different hopes, different ways of solving things, different ways of getting to their goals, but we must realize that there is only one way to achieve the goal of perfect happiness in the arms of the Father and that way is offered by our Redeemer.
The Hope is here, but the way is unclear, all we have to do is wait and we will find the way. We must follow this way offered to us and we will achieve the happiness that we always wanted. In that way, our hope is not wasted.

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