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Topologies Comparison

Topologies are categorized into different virtual shapes or structures with the basic types being Mesh, Bus, Ring, and Star. “More complex networks can be built as hybrids of two or more of the above basic topologies.” (Mitchell, 2008) These basic topologies are structured in to networks as Ethernet, Token Ring, FDDI, and wireless networking. Any business or individual making a decision of which type of topology is best used for a specific environment or network should know and understand the advantages and disadvantages of each type of topology, in addition to the advantages and disadvantages of each network type.
MESH topology routes data sent through any of several possible avenues to the receiving node. MESH arrives at its name due to the amount of cabling and connections used to establish this type of topology. MESH topology is expensive to establish as it connects every node to all nodes on the network, however, MESH is considered the most reliable as it has the most redundancy. If one node fails the network can re-route traffic to another node. A MESH topology network can be straightforward to trouble shoot when a problem arises. “Full mesh is usually reserved for backbone networks.” (, 2008) This type of topology can be found in connection to a WAN or Wide Area Network and is frequently found in conjunction with other topologies to create a hybrid topology.

BUS topology uses a single cable, or common backbone to connect the nodes on the network. BUS arrives at its name as all nodes are linked by one linear bus or cable; all data sent onto the network transmits the length of the BUS. The node sending communication to the network broadcasts the data onto t...

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...ost beneficial to them.

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