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Essay on Personal Narrative: My Life as a College Student

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My Life As a College Student
Making the Transition

When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one student to dissolve the bonds which have held him to his high school life, he can get fairly intimidated. Making the transition from high school to college can be a tough one. I remember my experience in such a transition vividly, as it was only a short time ago.

Growing up in a family in which both my parents had master's degrees, it was naturally expected that I would go to college, and for both my own benefit as well as pleasing my parents, I chose to pursue so-called "higher education". Stepping up to this "higher" plateau is no small matter, however.
You Can Pick Your Friends

A typical junior or senior in high school is faced with a dizzying array of choices in choosing a college. Questions such as "How much is tuition." "Is there housing on campus," and "What standardized tests do they accept." are all valid and relevant. Fortunately, asking these types of questions often narrows a broad swath of potential colleges down to a small few. With that in mind, I chose a university that seemed to suit my needs, and I applied. Since I was accepted, I did't need to apply anywhere else. I was all set for the "college experience", life at the big U. Or so I thought.

What followed was the veritable obstacle course of bureaucratic red tape. My mailbox was almost bursting with forms, applications, packets, and all manner of reading to delve through before the start of classes. How silly could I have been to think that I was finally done with summer reading? After much deliberation (and some help from my parents), I had applied for housing, found my roommates, and registered for orientation.
Arriving on Campus ...

... middle of paper ... classes, I soon realized what would be the biggest challenge of college: deciding on a major. Yes, I am one of those people who started college without first declaring a major. I soon heard every question, suggestion, and response regarding possible options. I even began concocting false majors to throw some people off. Large-Scale Demolition was a crowd favorite.
Running the Race

The college life certainly has its share of fears, cheers, and jeers, but it really can be a worthwhile endeavor. The most important task is to find the college niche, that little place that just feels right, and not just the first time. Once I found clubs, organizations, jobs, and social circles in which I felt like a valued participant, I really seemed to be at home, and that's not something I could have found just by being matched with good roommates or schmoozing at a toga party.

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