The Development of the Travel and Tourism Industry and the Factors Affecting it Today

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The Development of the Travel and Tourism Industry and the Factors Affecting it Today


The development of the travel and tourism industry Page 3-4

Factors that have led to the growth in travel and tourism Page 4-6

Future developments in travel and tourism Page 6-7

Factors affecting the travel and tourism industry today Page 8-9

Bibliography Page 10

The Development of the Travel and Tourism Industry

Throughout history, people have travelled across Britain for purposes
of trade, education, religion and to fight in battles. It was not
until the eighteenth century, however, that the foundations of what we
now regard as the British tourist industry began to be laid.

Key Milestones in the Development of the UKtravel and tourism




Billy Butlin opens his first holiday camp in Skegness


Holidays with Pay Act introduced


Fred Pontin opens his first holiday near Weston Super Mare


First package air holiday organised by Horizon


First Jet Airline passenger service


First Jet Airline passenger service to Australia


Number of domestic holidays taken exceeds 30 million for the first
time and number of foreign holidays rises to 3.5 million



First global distribution systems developed by American Airlines


Countryside Act passed to create national parks


Development of Tourism Act introduced


Concorde goes into service


60 per cent of households in the UK have regular use of at least one


77% of British Workers have...

... middle of paper ...

...emand of
30% and more following the terrorist attacks, the long-term outlook
for travel and tourism demand is expected to slowly brighten as
consumer confidence about safety and security recover.


In the travel ad tourism industry there are different types of
customers, therefore making the industry meet different types of needs
for different customers

Greater use of segmentation in the travel and tourism industry has led
to focus on more varied customer groups:

- Leisure customers

- Business customers

- Independent travellers

- Package holiday makers

- Age-specific groups


Ray Youell Vocational- A-level Travel and Tourism

Tourism and Hospitality in the 21st century A. Lockwood and S. Medlik

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