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The Consequences of Lack of Self Discipline

Here I am going to look at the police service and investigate how
members of this service could bring the force to disrepute by not
having sufficient self discipline and behaving in an inadequate way.
Such behaviours could have terrible consequences. I shall be talking
about the following consequences:

Y Consequences involving members of the public

Y Consequences affecting members of that public service

Y Consequences involving the force

Consequences involving members of the public:

Members of the police force behaving inappropriately can lead to a
member of the public suffering negative consequences.

I shall now give an example of a situation in which this can occur.

A police officer doesn’t carry out all the checks necessary after a
violent burglary has taken place, this results in not collecting
enough evidence to find the suspect. And therefore the case is left
unsolved. Later on there is another burglary which takes places in the
area by the same original burglar. In this case the home owner
sustains serious injuries.

This has affected members of the public because another burglary has
taken place, which could have been avoided same as the injuries the
second victim sustained.

Members of the police force have a great responsibility with their job
they have to make sure everything is done appropriately, to the best
of their ability. One little mistake can cost far too much.

Consequences affecting members of that public service:

I shall now give an example of an incident which could have negative
consequences upon members of the pubic service.


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...ate as possible.

Current affairs:

Bahrain police 'beat' protesters

About 50 people in Bahrain where beaten and arrested by police in the
capital, Manama, a human rights activist and other witnesses say.

Nabil Rajab said police acted to disperse demonstrators who protested
outside the king's royal court against the lack of jobs in the Gulf

He said among those beaten was Abdulhadi al-Khawaja, the head of the
banned Bahrain Centre for Human Rights.

The interior ministry said police acted after being attacked by the
protesters. Its statement said a number of police officers were hurt
by the demonstrators who refused a police order to leave the area.
Those arrested where later released.

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