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Fear and Misery in the Third Reich

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Fear and Misery in the Third Reich

On the 6th October 2005 I went to see a production of ‘Fear and Misery
in the Third Reich’ by Bertiot Brecht at the Markova Theatre. The
production was performed by the Watford Palace travelling theatre

During the performance once performance really did surprise me. It was
the performance of the ‘Jewish Woman’performed by Sarah Stanley.

The reason I found this a very surprising performance was that I was
incredibly moved by her performance. I left the play thinking very
deeply about the message she conveyed. I also felt extremely emotional
during that particular section. This surprised me as up until that
point I had not felt any emotion for any of the characters in the
play. I was also very surprised as I was not expecting to feel at all
moved as the play was written by Bertiot Brecht.

Brecht wanted to inspire the audience to act and change the world. He
wanted a theatre which reminded its audience at all times that they
were watching a play with actors – and not get e...

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