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Different Fields of Medicine

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Different Fields of Medicine

My choice of Medicine, as a career, stems from the immense
satisfaction I gain from acquiring new scientific knowledge combined
with a genuine interest in people. My commitment has been reinforced
through diverse work experience and a long standing ambition. Biology
has developed my fascination for the human body further and I enjoy
the logical nature of Chemistry.

To gain a better understanding as to what is involved in different
fields of medicine I carried out work experience in the cardiac,
orthopaedic and stroke wards at Queen Elizabeth Hospital over a period
of three weeks. Following this, was time spent at ITU, which brought
to life the use of modern medicines in life threatening conditions
while often highlighting ethical issues. Accompanying a consultant
physician in the course of his ward rounds for orthopaedic patients, I
recognized the extra challenges involved when treating the elderly.
The shadowing of a surgical consultant and visiting theatre was
extremely eye opening and...

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