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The Sociat Costs and Benefits of a Fast Food Industry

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The Sociat Costs and Benefits of a Fast Food Industry

There are many social benefits to a fast food industry. Firstly, it’s
the accessibility and convenience of having the fast food restaurants
– they’re located practically everywhere. The service is also fast,
hence “fast food” and therefore maximizing the convenience of them to

Most of the time, the products of the fast food industry are cheap,
tasty and therefore have good value for the product. The existence of
so many fast food restaurants also means lots of play areas for
children (as there are very few playgrounds in most places, the some
industries such as McDonalds have playgrounds) and also social areas
to “hang out” in, for young adults.

The existence of these industries also benefits the government (as
they provide lots of employment opportunities to local people and thus
reduce any unemployment problems). As well as providing jobs into
their business, they also provide jobs into other businesses related
to them. For example as the fast food ...

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