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The Horror of Pity and War in Regeneration by Pat Barker and Collective Poems of Wilfred Owen

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The Horror of Pity and War in Regeneration by Pat Barker and Collective Poems of Wilfred Owen

Through reading ‘Regeneration’ by Pat Barker and Wilfred Owen’s
collection of poems, we see both writers present the horror and pity
of World War I in an effective way. ‘Regeneration’ shows us a personal
account of shell-shocked officer’s experience in the war. This links
with Wilfred Owen’s poems as they too show how war affects the
soldiers. Even though ‘Regeneration’ (a prose piece) and Wilfred
Owen’s poems (poetry) are similar, they both present different styles
as they are written at different times, a male and female perspective
and in different literacy forms. Barker has a much more objective view
of the war, as she hasn’t actually experienced it first hand in term
of being a soldier and she is removed in time. However, even though
she didn’t take part in he war, it was very much a part of her life,
which qualifies her to write about the horror and pity of the war. Pat
Barker explains in her interview () that her step fath...

... middle of paper ...

...t in Craiglockhart hospital as he was an historic fact. Pat
Barker includes him in it not to change facts, but to find a creative
way around it. Barker joins both fiction and facts in her novel, which
we can see when Sassoon and Owen work on the poem together.

Both writers show the horror and pity of the war and they views on the
damaging effects in an effective way through the use of language,
style and perspectives of the war, showing us the readers and how it
affected the soldiers physically and mentally.

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