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The Strengths and Weaknesses of Augustine’s and Ireneau's Theodicy

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The Strengths and Weaknesses of Augustine’s and Ireneau's Theodicy

‘Evil did not come from God, since God’s creation was faultless and
perfect’ (St Augustine)

St Augustine was a man wrote a theodicy about the problem of evil and
suffering based on the Creation and Fall of Genesis in the bible, he
believed that evil was caused by something that was outside the
omnipotence of God. God himself is all powerful but after creating the
world, he Himself would not be able to control the actions that human
beings create in changing it. When God created the world, with
absolutely no evil and suffering, he saw what he had done and saw it
was all good.

God did not deprivate the world from having evil and suffering and he
has no reason to have any blame for it as God created the world with
nothing bad inside it. Evil is not a substance that could have been
created by God, therefore he cannot be responsible for it. I think
that this was a weak point in Augustine’s theodicy because he cannot
truthfully call evil a substance as humans do not know how much more
God could have done to create the world.

Human beings have chosen to make the world an evil place, they have
turned away from God and what he has created to make other beings
suffer. God did not put wars onto the world, human beings caused them
to happen over being greedy and selfish. Other humans want what other
humans have because of jealousy. For example; Why take a innocent
persons life just for the sake of it in less economically developed
countries? Is it just for the pleasure or fun of it? God left the
world in the hands of angels and human beings and they have just

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...of millions of people dying for the greed and jealousy of
other humans. Love from God cannot be expressed by the death of
people, that is not right. People dying of natural diseases that
cannot be helped and going to heaven is not as sinful as people dying
for no apparent reason and going to heaven.

‘Gods gift of free will is in no way an excuse for the existence of
evil’ If God knows the consequences of the humans that he had created
then why give them the choice of free will. Humans are like robots,
their actions can already be concluded before even having chosen them
yet. Therefore God would have known what the consequences of evil and
suffering could be. For example; wars, dying, the Holocaust and less
economically developed countries. An omnipotent God would not have
made humans suffer from evil for any purpose.

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