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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Methods of Pest Control

In the world today there is an ever increasing desire to increase
agricultural efficiency in terms of producing maximum yields of crops
and produce. Maximum output levels cannot be reached if pests are
consistently destroying crops and this affects both the producer and
the consumer. Consequently different methods of exterminating and
reducing pest numbers have been developed in the forms of herbicides,
fungicides and insecticides, which can be categorised under the
general; heading pesticides.

One effective way of protecting crops is the use of chemical
pesticides, which are designed to control, repel or kill various pests
or weeds which are potentially harmful to the plant. The most popular
pesticide in developed countries is the herbicide, which are utilised
as a means of destroying weeds which are native plants growing in
cultivated soil and compete interspecifically with a crop plant for
key resources such as light, water and minerals. Herbicides reduce the
interspecific competition between the crop and the weed.

A significant disadvantage of pesticides is that they are often
poisonous. Farmers must therefore take care not to overuse chemical
pesticides as they can have serious effects on non-target organisms
including people, such as the farmer applying the pesticide or the
consumer who will encounter the pesticide residues that are left on a
crop plant. Other effects on target organisms may include insects such
as bees or other natural predators of a pest insect may be killed by
an insecticide. Fungicides may kill beneficial soil fungi and
herbicides ...

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disadvantages and it may depend on the type of crop or plant that the
individual farmer grows that may decipher upon which system is most
beneficial to that farmer. Pesticides have the disadvantage of their
potentially dangerous and harmful chemical properties which are easily
spread, however they are relatively cheap and effective. Biological
control is advantageous for its lack of harmfulness to the environment
and it’s preserving of nature, however the process needs more research
and is more time consuming and more difficult to fine tune.



2. AS Level Biology textbook

3. Letts Revise AS Biology study guide



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