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Investigating Whether the Size of Cones Affects their Time to Fall from a Height

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Investigating Whether the Size of Cones Affects their Time to Fall from a Height

Safety: I will need to make sure when making and dropping cones that
all precautions are considered, e.g. careful use of compass, scissors,

Fair test: I will ensure the height remains the same and that I use
the same cones throughout.


To do this practical I will need the following items:

Ø A4 Paper - to make cones

Ø Pencil - to draw circle and record data

Ø Compass - to draw circle

Ø Scissors - to cut circle out

Ø Sellotape - to stick cones

Ø Stop clock - to measure time

Ø Metre ruler - to measure height

Ø Calculator - to calculate averages

Method - Preliminary

* I will use pencil and compass to draw 2 circles on sheets of A4

* I will use scissors to cut the...

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