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Traveling to Spain- Personal Narrative

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Traveling to Spain- Personal Narrative

Spain. A wonderful country with a different culture to any other in
the world. With its wonderful scenery jumping out at you and its
surprisingly unfamiliar ranges of spicy foods, this and the relaxation
was why I wanted to go. But with all its exciting features I was
barely able to relax at all.
My journey started when I left the plane. The hot breeze immediately
hit my soft pink skin and left me with a silent shiver up my spine. I
looked around and the setting was beautiful, all I could see was lush
green fields, and silent hills with the sun just rising over the top.
I stopped staring in amazement and walked over to the airport. It was
very neat and tidy with the surrounding trees were giving a scent of
I collected my luggage and whistled down a taxi. It was an old
Mercedes with rusty doors and ripped seats but it got me from A to B
so I was thankful. The scene out of the dusty cab window was very
exotic. The red sunset sky and clear yellow stars were shining
brighter than ever. I just couldn’t wait to leave the taxi and explore
the country that I would be living in for the next two weeks.
Eventually I reached the villa I was staying in. It was set in the
middle of a small village surrounded by sizzling brown leaved trees,
and long peaceful roads. It was an amazing scene.
I slowly walked to door of the villa and noticed that the brickwork
had gradually eroded like a cliff at the side of the sea. I hoped the
inside could be as good as the outside, I opened the door, took a look
round and saw that it was. The lounge was incredibly romantic with an
exquisite view from the outside...

... middle of paper ...

...ards their
foods. I finished the nachos, eventually, with a burning mouth. I
needed to order a glass of fresh strawberry milkshake which was the
most refreshing drink I had ever tasted. It left my tongue coldly and
slowly sizzling away. It was out of this world.
I then went on to my desert which was ice cream and a coffee. The ice
cream wasn’t like any old ice cream. It was the softest and most
smoothest ice cream, with bulky but thin covered cream to create a
taste of bubbly ness in my mouth. I then finished the night with a
splendid cup of coffee. I could really taste the coffee beans within
it. It was gorgeous and the smell was like chocolate mixed with a hint
of mint. The smell was just exceptional.
For me it had now come to the end of the night, so I walked back to
the villa and jumped in my luxurious bed.

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