The Extent to Which the Treaty of Versailles was Fair and the Consequences for Germany

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The Extent to Which the Treaty of Versailles was Fair and the Consequences for Germany

The Treaty of Versailles was intended to be a peace agreement between
the Allies and the Germans after the First World War ended in 1918.
The Treaty was signed in Paris at the Versailles Palace, which
involved the Allies (France, England, USA), and Germany. The immense
Palace allowed a great number of politicians to be involved but the
three most important were, Georges Clemenceau (France), Woodrow Wilson
(USA) and David Lloyd George (England).

The treaty of Versailles was mainly created to humiliate, weaken and
punish Germany for the First World War. Although the “Big Three”
denied it by saying that, it was a treaty to the purpose of stabilize
and to maintain everlasting peace in Europe. The main costs for
Germany in the Treaty were the following:

* Pay 132 billion gold marks in reparations to countries, which had
been damaged by the Germans.

* Germany lost one eighth of all its land and all of its colonies.

* The German army was to be restricted to 100,000 men, there was to
be no conscription, no tanks or heavy artillery and no general

* The German navy was restricted to 15,000 men and no submarines,
while the fleet was limited to six battleships, six cruisers and
12 destroyers.

* Part of Germany was given to Poland so that the new country would
have access to the sea at Danzig (Gdansk). This separated East
Prussia from the rest of Germany.

* The Rhineland was demilitarized, no soldiers, military equipment
or buildings were allowed within 30 miles of the east bank of the

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...e Allies managed
to keep the Germans under control for some years. However being as
harsh as it is, it is curious that the Germans were still able to come
back and start another war. I feel that the treaty was perfectly fair,
infact I think that the terms should have been even harsher in order
to make the Germans pay for what they have done, and learn the lesson
instead of stepping back and coming out one decade later stronger than
ever and ready to start a new war.

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