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The Affliction of Margaret

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The Affliction of Margaret

Dear Mom,

I haven’t had the chance to send a letter in a while I was captured by
the Snarlers. My soldiers and I were in the middle of a full on attack
on their base, it was going well they were down to what we thought was
their last line of defence. We nearly had the base taken but they had
called in reinforcements and sprung up behind us, it was their seventy
or more against our twenty. A hideous site, seventy of them all the
same, 6ft tall growling through gritted rows of tiny gritted teeth,
pointing their guns they look like dogs but with the tail of a
scorpion. They cuffed us and put us in vans, we all just sat their in
silence thinking of what was going to happen to us, torture
experiments or the arena.

About five hours later we were thrown out into camps me and my unit
were split up we were escorted by the Snarlers into the camp past huge
walls must have been thirty foot with massive gates although the wall
was made of stone the doors were wooden and had bars put across them

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