A Significant Journey in My Life - Original Writing Essay

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A Significant Journey in My Life - Original Writing

As my family and I were returning from our short summer vacation in
the in the mysterious and magical island on Bermuda a very unexpected,
sad but true occasion occurred. After I had witnessed this occasion my
view on life has never been the same again.

The day we leaving to come back home from our travels abroad was one
of the hottest days I will probably encounter in my entire life. We
were in our taxi and travelling about 20mph because of all the
traffic, there was 5 people squeezed into a little car and the sun was
beaming down on us through the sunroof. All I wanted to do was get out
and run a cold hose all over my body, my whole was feeling sluggish
and tired due to the heat. We were driving along the edge of the
beach, we could see people jumping in and out of the water, and
running along the beach with a football.

As we drove down that road we could see the little public toilets and
little huts along the edge of the beach, the little huts were trading
places, during 6 in the morning and 11 at night little men would sit
in portable chairs and sell sunglasses and hats, deck chairs, or
refreshments. Most of them would be lucky to sell an item a day, as
most the tour guides recommended to us, not to buy items from these
establishments. Bermuda gave me the impression; during the time I was
there, that it was a calm country, that there wasn’t any
discrimination between citizens of the country. On that journey home I
thought to myself that Bermuda would be an ideal place to have a
holiday home in. I could imagine myself coming to Bermuda every
summer, and just relaxing for a...

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...area to
get on to the plane back to England. Just before we were boarding my
dad received a phone call on his mobile phone, I overheard a bit of
the conversation, he was talking to his friend about how the guards
and how they only kept us behind because of the colour of our skin, he
said that it is terrible ever since 9/11.

When we all ready to leave on the plane the Muslim family walked down
the isle late, and as they past our isle the Muslim man said to my dad
‘ Ridiculous innit’ my dad sighed.

During that journey home I really thought about how difficult it must
be some people who must have it so much more worse then us. I know
that racism is a factor in the world nowadays, although it is only a
small minority of people that are racist. Ever since that journey home
I have seen the world in a different light.

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