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A Speech on Banning Deforestation

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Deforestation is a major problem and it causes a number of
disruptions. Did you know that an area of forest equal to 20 football
or rugby fields is lost every minute? This just gives you an idea of
how much deforestation takes place. Deforestation is known as the
world’s most pressing land-use problems, so don’t you think that
something should be done about this?

The size of the world’s forest total is 4.7%, yet emits 25% of the
world total carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide greatly effects global
warming. Did you know it accounts for at least half of the greenhouse
effect? The problem occurs when these atmospheric gases, mostly
produced by human activities, slowly warm the earth. Trees are half
carbon and by burning them, all of that carbon is released into the
atmosphere. At least 75 percent of deforestation in the tropics is due
to burning, which releases about 2.4 billion tons of CO2 into the
atmosphere each year. 40% of the world's land area is forest. 15% of
the world's forests have been cleared out. During the 20th century,
the rate of forests being cleared is accelerating greatly and this
problem will not go away, eventually there will be no forests left.

Why should animal’s homes be destroyed like this? Is there any reason
to cut down trees in rainforests? Rainforests are meant to be
beautiful, peaceful places where people can visit, but no, the trees
are cut down for wood and paper. Think of all the hundreds of species
who live in the rainforest, who are pushed out of their homes. They
are left with nothing. How would you like it if your home was
destroyed and you had nowhere to live?

Deforestation is a serious probl...

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... level is reducing
dramatically, soil is eroding and this could result in the death of
the tourist industry. These are three major things that don’t want to
happen so how can we stop them? We can already see the warning signs
but what can we do? We ignore them. These signs are the increasing
incidences of floods, storms, earthquakes and other natural disasters;
the emergence of new deadly and strange diseases – AIDS, the JE virus,
Chicken Flu, and Mad Cow diseases. Why don’t we forget about our fancy
bits of wood, nicely cut and clean, from the DIY store. If everyone
contributed to recycling, half of the rainforests in the world could
be saved.

So please think about this. Think what deforestation is doing to the
world and how much damage it has caused. Everyone in the world can
make a difference and so can you.

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