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The Role of Genetics in Modern Society

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The Role of Genetics in Modern Society

Genes by definition are information we inherit from our parents, they
contain chromosomal information which codes for every physical and
mental attribute a human, animal or plant has. Modern society has come
to realise by finding the gene that causes the illness they can remove
it. They then can insert the correct gene to replace it. Genes are
arranged like beads on a piece of string, they occur in a fixed order.

Modern day society has also realised that by learning about genes and
increasing their understanding many useful tasks can be carried out.

For example, solving crimes; if a suspect has been identified, a
sample of that’s persons DNA can be checked against DNA (a long
thread- like molecule found in every living cell) which may have been
found at the crime scene. This process is done use of a genetic code.
Although every human may have the same basic components in a double
helix of DNA, base, sugar, and phosphate: The type of sugar may vary,
further more the order of compli...

... middle of paper ...

...o its
complex desire to overcome barriers of human survival. The subject of
genetics plays an already great role in modern day society. With much
debate and research to continue, its future however is unpredictable.


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