An Evaluation on the Personal and Political Nature of Adolf Hitler During the years 1908-1933

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An Evaluation on the Personal and Political Nature of Adolf Hitler During the years 1908-1933

Chapter 1

In the sixty years since the ending of the Second World War and
despite the allied victory over the Nazi occupation of Europe, the man
who caused it all still, to this day has many thousands of
publications about his life and his evil regime on Europe during the
Second World War written and published whether it be through books,
films or other media. Many have portrayed Hitler as a man of great
evil with a recent film documentary entitled Hitler: the rise of evil
in 2003[1] being a prime example of this. It depicted the rhetoric
ruthlessness and obsessive determination that propelled him to power
in 1934.

However the mass media and present day accounts of Hitler in my view
are made because the producers realise they will sell and or be
successful, creating a general interest in the subject rather than one
of a more niche historical natured one, on the rise of Hitler and his
Nazi party. Hitler’s personality and influences in his early life are
somewhat overlooked and the works of Professor Ian Kershaw in his book
Hitler; 1889-1936 (2001) focuses more centrally on this. The reason as
to how and when Hitler came to power has been historically documented,
but as to why he did what he did is open to debate and interpretation.
The fact that Hitler has been coined the most evil dictator of the
twentieth century and responsible for the killings of thirty four
million human lives makes him both an interesting but disturbing
character but also a guaranteed winner in terms of a successful book
or film despite this image.

The pers...

... middle of paper ... to become an artist but had found his home in
politics. The experiences he had found in Schoenerer and Lueger had a
great effect on him and as suggested he was able to use this to become
a self practicing and successful public speaker and later a dictator
and leader of Germany.


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