A Comparison of Love's Farewell by Michael Drayton and the Chilterns by Rupert Brooke

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A Comparison of Love's Farewell by Michael Drayton and the Chilterns by Rupert Brooke

"Love's Farewell" is a Shakespearean sonnet, written by Michael
Drayton. It describes a relationship between a man and a woman. The
man in the poem is bringing the relationship to an end. Michael
Drayton came to prominence in the Elizabethan era. In the Elizabethan
era there was a trend of following Shakespeare's way of writing
because it pleased the Queen. Michael Drayton wrote "Loves Farewell"
in 1619. The poem starts with a bitter tone and this suggests that it
is not a friendly end to a relationship. The mood changes in the poem
and at the end there is a gentle and positive feeling to it,
suggesting the relationship might recover. The words and the language
used in Drayton's poem reflects how he was feeling at the time. We
have no information about Drayton's love life but from what we can
gather he had quite a well known love.

"The Chilterns" is a ballad, written by Rupert Brooke. This poem also
describes a relationship between a man and a woman coming to an end.
The mood also changes during this poem. At the beginning of the poem
there is a positive mood. The man in the relationship is bringing it
to an end because he believes that life experience is more important
to him than relationships. Rupert Brooke is known as a war poet.
Brooke had a lot of relationships which did not work out, this
suggests Brooke is experienced when it comes to relationships.

On closer examination of "Love's Farewell" Drayton starts with a
negative tone on the very first line. The quote "let us kiss and part"
indicates to us straight away that the relationship is c...

... middle of paper ...

...and writing. On the other hand Brooke chose a more
relaxed form because he feels in control of his feelings. Despite the
similararities in the content both writers have chose to write in a
different form. As a result of this Drayton's form of writing, the
Shakespearean sonnet is far more restricted and follows a strict
rhythm and rhyme scheme. On the other hand Brooke's poem is far less
restricted, but he reveals less emotion. The main similararity is that
both writers find out their love means more to them than they have
actually made out. Drayton shows this in the rhyming couplet and
Brooke shows this by using positive language when describing his
lover. However the language both writers use is very different.
Drayton relies on personification to get us engaged with his writing
whilst Brooke uses descriptive writing.

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