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My Grandmother by Elizabeth Jennings

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My Grandmother by Elizabeth Jennings

In many of Elizabeth Jennings poems she reflects the difficult
personal experiences of her life. Many of her poems deal with themes
of family, friendship, suffering, loneliness and religious
experiences, without them being too sentimental. In this poem
Elizabeth Jennings has set it out in four stanzas. Where each stanza
tells a part to her story. Elizabeth Jennings is talking about her own
experiences with her grandmother. The poem is a memory of her
childhood and she is looking back at it.

People have lots of different opinions about what a Grandmother is
supposed to be like. Some people think that they should be caring to
others, loving to their families, always going to play bingo,
constantly knitting something for their grandchildren and never unkind
to others. Even thougfh all Grandmothers are not like that we class as
to be all the same and we always classify them as being old and frail.
Some Grandmothers are fit and healthy always doing something active.
We should not class...

... middle of paper ... we can see that in the first and
third line there is rhyme. In fifth and sixth line there is eye rhyme.
This is when you read it out - loud it does not sound as if it would
rhyme, but when you look at it, it looks similar because both 'prove'
and 'love' end with '. ove.' Half rhyme has been used in the second
stanza when it says ' guilt' and 'felt'. These two words sound nothing
like each other or look alike, but the last letter of either word is
the same, which makes them end on the same note when you say them.

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