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Minority Culture

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Minority Culture

These days there are a lot of people from different cultures living in
the same community in areas all around England. In some cases there is
a larger group of people from one culture than the people from other
cultures. This leads to the expression 'Minority Culture', which
basically means a culture of which there is a minority. In this essay
I will be talking about the problems faced by minority cultures in
being an integral part of society.

Minority cultures are faced with many difficulties in becoming an
integral part of society. Some of the main difficulties faced by
minority cultures are racism, stereotypes, customs and traditions,
clashes of loyalty and discrimination.


In a lot of places, you get people who are prejudice against minority
people because of their race or colour. It is human nature that we
fear things that we are not familiar with, so we want to get rid of
it. When people see a person who is different in colour they tend to
think that they are superior to them ...

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