Comparing The Opening Scene In Raiders Of The Lost Ark and Tomorrow Never Dies

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Comparing The Opening Scene In Raiders Of The Lost Ark and Tomorrow Never Dies

'Raiders of the Lost Ark' and 'Tomorrow Never Dies' are both action
films with a similar theme. Both films are about good fighting evil.
The heroes have many similarities and differences. 'Raiders of the
Lost Ark' is targeted at any age, its certificate PG. 'Tomorrow Never
Dies' is targeted at twelve years onwards and is a certificate 12.
Both films may appeal more to teenage males who may look up to Indiana
Jones and James Bond because they are good looking men who have
exciting, action filled jobs and they want to be like them. Both films
are blockbusters so they have big budgets.

The 'Raiders' film begins in South America in 1936. Jones is an
archaeologist and is on a mission to retrieve a golden Idol from a
tomb to help him fund his next expedition. It starts in the jungle
with a camera following Indiana Jones and two Spanish trackers through
the trees. You can hear the diegtic sounds of the birds, which gives a
realistic effect. The director uses wide screen to make you feel
claustropbic, it also makes it feel threatening. It makes us
concentrate on the men walking through the jungle It includes the
viewers by making them feel they are actually there with Indiana.
Indiana Jones finds a poisoned arrow in a tree and they realise they
are being followed. This makes you feel scared but it gives some
mystery. The audience still haven't seen a close-up of Indiana's face,
making him seem like a bit of a mysterious character. One of the
trackers turns against Jones, so Jones whips him. The fact that Jones
uses a whip shows he is a 1930's hero and there were...

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... because Bond has a
license to kill. Indiana has the choice of using a pistol or a whip,
and he uses his whip because he doesn't want to kill but Bond doesn't
think about who he kills because it's his job.

The depiction of the action hero Indiana Jones is more realistic than
James Bond, because the depiction of James Bond makes him seem
invincible, for instance when he survives flying through an explosion.
Bond and Jones aren't credible and when you're watching them you don't
take everything seriously. I enjoyed both films but I preferred
watching 'Tomorrow Never Dies', because it's a faster-moving action
film. I liked the sound effects and the special effects of the
explosions. The James Bond film was better at making the feeling of
suspense up to the missile exploding and used more advanced, quick
camera shots.

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