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The Setting in The Signalman and The man with the Twisted Lip

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The Setting in The Signalman and The man with the Twisted Lip

Both stories are set in England in the second half of the nineteenth
century and both are tales of mystery. The Signalman, however, is an
eerie supernatural tale whereas The Man with the Twisted Lip is an
analytical detective story involving the unravelling of a mystery. The
writers, Dickens and Conan Doyle, have used their settings to create
different effects in order to influence the atmosphere and mood
specific to these two particular genres.

In The Signalman, Dickens uses a single location as the backdrop to
his supernatural tale. The story unfolds in a lonely and isolated
railway cutting, in an undisclosed part of the English countryside.
For almost the entire tale only three people are involved: the
narrator, the signalman and the apparition. In contrast, Conan Doyle's
detective story is set both in the city of London and in the
surrounding countryside and involves many people. The events in both
stories occur over a few consecutive days but, whilst th...

... middle of paper ...

...ered questions. In contrast,
the settings in The Man with the Twisted Lip reflect the realities of
Victorian England areas and they do not assume the same sense of
mystery but are used to provide a realistic context in which a mystery
can be solved. Through using precise descriptions the atmosphere
created in the settings is not disturbing and Conan Doyle has left
nothing to the imagination. Both writers have used their settings to
create different impressions but both contribute to the atmosphere of
the tales.

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