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The Fundamentals of Haj Tamattui

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The Fundamentals of Haj Tamattui

The sequence of events done in Haj Tammatui (which counts for Haj and
Umrah) is as follows:

1. Entering into Ihram from Miqat

Before wearing the Ihram, one should take the opportunity to shower
and clean one's self. One must then wear the Ihram, which consists of
a loincloth and an apparel, with the head uncovered for men, whereas
women are to wear their Islamic custom, wearing neither face cover nor
gloves. However, a woman may cover her face with a slight veil only if
her beauty is tempting enough to cause seduction. Then the intention
is declared which is: "Labbayka-Allahumma-Hajjan"

After taking these steps it is prohibited for the pilgrims to wear
sewn clothes, remove or pluck hairs, clip nails, cover their heads,
use perfume, hunt, enter into marriage contracts, have sexual
intercourse, or cut the trees of the Sacred Precinct.

When the sacred precinct (miqat) is reached the talbiyah should be
chanted by men rasing their voice and saying:

... middle of paper ...

... it is better to
stay at Mina till the following day.

14. The 13th of Dhul-Hijjah: Throwing the Pebbles

One must throw the stones at the three Jamarat in the afternoon,
exactly as you did on the last two days.

15. Tawaf Al-Wada` (Farewell Circumambulation Around the Ka`bah)

When one intends to go home, one must go to Makkah and make Farewell
Tawaf around the Ka`bah.

After the accomplishment of the mentioned actions in order one obtains
Hajj Tamatuii, which is a Haj and an Umrah. Its well worth it!

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