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Finding Jesus in The Wanderer

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Finding Jesus inĀ  The Wanderer

During the Middle Ages, banishment was a devastating occurrence which plagued many Anglo Saxons. Upon being exiled, men were forced to travel the barren world alone in hopes of finding a new lord under whom they could serve. From this point on, melancholy and loneliness stood as the emotional basis on which every thought and dream was based. Until successfully locating a new mead hall and fellow companions, these loners were forced to look to themselves for comfort, or if they were lucky enough to realize it, the Lord. Not every exiled kinsmen was spiritual enough to grasp the realization that Christ was a stable means of service, unlike the leaders of their former kingdoms. In the elegy "The Wanderer" the exiled earth-dweller is one of the gifted who turns to the Lord for comfort in his time of need. This wanderer travels the road of loneliness and suffers his share of "winters in this world's kingdom" (Wanderer 68). After the suffering came the comfort, and the earth-dweller was able to revive his life and come to serve an everlasting kingdom fr...

... middle of paper ... lord as the almighty. Stability lies in the "high-earth" where Christ resides, not in the "middle-earth" with his former kingdom's lord. The earth-dweller was able to go through a complex process of self-healing in order to reach his desires for stability. Now he will never be alone. He will always live in the company of his true Lord: the one who gave him salvation and guided him through the journey of his soul.

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