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Happy Land Fire

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Happy Land Fire

A blaze at a illegal club leads to the arrest of ejected patron; who is a

suspect in setting New York's worst fire since the 1911 fire at the Triangle

Shirtwaist company.

In the early morning of Sunday March 25th 1990 in the Bronx a

devastating arson fire occurred at the Happy Land social club. A man named

Julio Gonzalez entered the happy Land social club located at 1959 southern

Boulevard in the Bronx , New York. At witch time Mr. Gonzalez was one of

estimated ninety patrons at this social club. After arguing with his EX-girl

friend who worked at the illegal social club and having a few adult drinks

he was ejected from the club bye the door men.

When he was ejected he stated that he will return! Know body took his

statement serious and business continued at the club. Mr. Gonzalez gathered

A one gallon plastic container before leaving the social club. At this time Mr.

Gonzalez walked to a near by gas station and filled the one gallon container

with gas. Then he traveled back to the Happy Land social c...

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