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Napoleon and the Enlightenment

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Napoleon and the Enlightenment

Napoleon and the enlightment
Napoleon was one of the most influential people in the history of the world. He has affected people throughout the globe in many ways. He rose through the confusion of the French revolution to become Emperor of the French. His goal was to conquer all of Europe. Through out his lifetime he nearly succeeded in his goal. Napoleon was probably one of the greatest military leaders that ever lived. Napoleon Bonaparte, who is also known as the "little Corsican", was born on August 15,1769 in Ajaccio, Corsica. He was known as the "little Corsican" because of his height of 5 feet 2 inches. He had 7 brothers and sisters. His original name was Napoleon Bonaparte in Corsica but it became Napoleon Bonaparte in French. His parents were Carlo (Charles) Bonaparte (1746-1785) and Letizia Ramolino Bonaparte (1750-1836). His original nationality was Corsican-Italian. He hated the French. He thought they were oppressors of his native land. His father was a lawyer, and was also anti-French. One reason Napoleon may have been such a conquer...

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...the conference. Meanwhile, Napoleon has been in Elba for 10 months and in the midst of the squabbles of the quarreling Congress, he had escaped from the island set forth back to France. In conclusion, Napoleon Bonaparte has been a great military genius. He was one of the most powerful people, in my opinion, that I have ever read about. I have learned many things about warfare, strategic importance, and power while doing this paper. French history seemed very interesting to me. I will look forward to doing more history papers about the French.

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