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The Outcomes of the War of 1812

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The Outcomes of the War of 1812

Many historians have said that the War of 1812, a war
fought between the United States and Great Britain, was
"senseless and insignificant". This statement, for the most part,
is not true. Without this war, many of the changes that were a
result of the war, would not have taken place. The War of 1812
caused many important events to occur. These events were both
direct and indirect. Although The war did not accomplish any of
the things that it started out to accomplish, it became a turning
point in American history. Most of the issues that America
started out fighting for disappeared shortly after the war, just
about the same time that the indirect effects of the war were
beginning to become noticeable. These direct effects mainly
centered around impressment and blockades, while the indirect
effects dealt mainly with the rise of Andrew Jackson, William
Henry Harrison, and the decline of the Federalists.
Following the war, the United States was at peace with
Britain. Peace gave the British no need to result in acts such as

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