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Different Forms of Memory

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Different Forms of Memory

Let’s say a person was asked to define memory. They might define memory as storing information in the brain, which is typical. However, there is more to memory then just that. The stored information has to actually stay in your memory, and be able to be retrieved when needed. You probably experienced the tip of the tongue phenomenon. The tip of the tongue phenomenon is when you memorized something, but when its time to remember it, it will just not come to you! It seems like it’s out of reach. Memory can be really puzzling, and Psychologists came up with three questions about memory.
The first question is that when information is learned, then how does it get into your memory? Well, Encoding is the process of getting the information into the memory. It involves finding a way to memorize it. As you study the information, you might focus on the way it looks, means, or sounds. Let’s say a couple people spend the same amount hours studying for the same exam. However, only half of them actually do well. Perhaps the people who did badly on the test didn’t...

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...because even though information was stored into long-term memory, it still can be forgotten.

The third question psychologists ask about memory is how do you retrieve information? When its time to get the stored information back, it is called retrieval. For example, you have this big exam coming up. So you spend time studying and when test time comes, you recall back to the information studied. Getting back the information is the retrieval process. It involves searching the memory. Some retrieval processes are more effectual then others.

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