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Headaches are a symptom experienced by an estimated 45 million Americans and lead to more than 18 million office visits a year in the United States.1,2 Headaches are also the number one cause for Americans to take over-the-counter analgesic medications.2 Headaches can be classified as 1) Migraine Without Aura (Common Migraine), 2) Migraine With Aura (Classic Migraine), 3) Tension Type Headaches (Musculoskelatal), 4) Tension-Migraine (Mixed Headache Disorder), 5) Recurring Headaches of a Nonmusculoskeletal nature and 6) Headaches as a Symptom of Ominous Disease.1 The cause and successful treatment vary greatly for migraine headaches and such headaches are often referred to and treated by a physician.1 When the patient chooses treatment outside of the medical model it is most often a chiropractor who is chosen as the care provider.2
The true nature of headaches and the proper treatment for them has been reported on so widely that a number of treatment techniques have emerged. Nonthrust manipulation is done by Physical Therapists in musculoskelatal t...

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... Physiological
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