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Daisy's Greed in The Great Gatsby

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Daisy's Greed in The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby as a whole contains many themes revolving around the "death"

of the American dream and the corruption of society as a result of this. Daisy, one of the

book's central figures and an aloof and wealthy socialite, displays the bad qualities associated

with people whom Fitzgerald sees as the cause of the downfall of society. Daisy shows a

desire to gain material wealth at all costs, and she breaks any rules that stand in her way. She

takes no responsibility for her actions. Daisy even goes back to Tom, who cheated on her and

treats her like garbage, after Gatsby admits that he is "new money." She wants to keep her

social standing of being part of a long line of wealthy citizens. Fitzgerald meant for Daisy to

be the prime example of where American standards were heading.

Daisy's greed can best be seen in her choice of a husband, and in the circumstances

leading up to that choice. When she and Gatsby were stationed in Europe during the war,

she fell in love with him because he weaved an intri...

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