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I am Unique

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I am Unique


From the time I was a young child, I have always known I was different from others. Although I didn't realize I was in any way "smart" until around the fourth grade, I had been skipped up to the first grade from kindergarten. While friends struggled with homework assignments, finishing them came easily to me, like riding a bike. Supposedly - I've never ridden a bike.


No, my passion, and talent, from the very beginning, was with written materials. By second grade, I had my own card for the library and went there at least once a week. While other kids were rewarded for good behavior with parties, money, or trips with friends, my reward was being able to walk through the organized rows of books in the library, selecting and checking out those that piqued my interest. I would check out five, ten, fifteen books at a time, worried about running out of reading material before my next visit.


I recall a couple of years in elementary school where I read no book that did not fall into the category of either mystery or horror. Supern...

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