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Negative Peer Pressure

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Go on." "Everybody's doing it." "It's only one drink." "You're such a

I didn't know what to do. All these voices were repeating themselves
over and over in my head. I didn't want to give into them because I
knew what I was doing was wrong. I didn't want everyone to think I was
scared but what if my parents found out. Why was I here? Are these
people really my friends if they are really doing this to me? These
were the vital questions that I didn't know the answers to. I knew in
my heart it was wrong but I gave in.

This is usually the typical outcome of a scene like this. It is called
peer pressure. It can be disguised in many different forms. In this
essay I am going to look at different ways in which teenagers can be
influenced by peer pressure.

Many teenagers experiment with cigarettes, drugs or alcohol. It is
likely that they take their first cigarette, drink or drug because of
pressure from peers or friends.

The influence of friends who smoke is the main reason teenagers start,
although you are...

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... in hobbies and activities and feel cut off from
the people around them. They feel worthless and believe they have no
power to change the situation they are in. some young people turn to
drug or alcohol abuse, sleeping around, crime, skipping school or
running away from home. These can all be ways of distracting
themselves from their feelings.

Depression has to be taken seriously and sufferers need to seek
immediate help. Counselling, psychotherapy or sometimes medication can
make recovery quicker and easier.

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