A Comparison of Three Newspapers' Articles on the Same Topic

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A Comparison of Three Newspapers' Articles on the Same Topic

In my essay, I shall compare the way in which three news publications,
The Mirror, an example of the popular press, The Times, an example of
the quality press and Newsweek, an American publication reported the
same incident. Using these three reports, I shall compare the
variations and similarities in the amount of factual information
given, the interviews used, the language employed and finally, the
layout and presentation of the various articles.

On the 3rd of February 1998, a U.S. military jet sliced the wire of a
cable car in the Italian ski resort in the Dolomites in Cavalese. This
resulted in the untimely death of 20 tourists and, as suggested by
Newsweek, led to increasing doubt over America's reputation and
conduct, as well as queries over the regulations of low flying.

The primary differences are that the two British publications, The
Mirror and The Times, contained articles that were published one day
after the disaster, on the 4th February 1998, whereas in Newsweek, the
article was published 13 days, almost two weeks later. This was
because the purpose of the article in Newsweek differed to that of The
Mirror and The Times.

The Times and The Mirror contrast in style and this is accomplished in
numerous ways. For example, The Mirror, a tabloid paper, and a popular
press, include headlines, which are colloquial, emotional and bold.
Its main objective is to describe and narrate in a moving and often
hyperbolic manner. Also, the text is generally short with simple
graphics and subheadings. Furthermore, there is usually use of
alliteration to produce drama ...

... middle of paper ... publication, Newsweek, downplayed the incident
as many considered it to be America's fault. Therefore, they attempted
to divert the attention away from them by suggesting that the Italians
also regularly participated in low flying, making Italy's complaints
unjustified. Additionally, many Italians interviewed were adamant that
it was carelessness on America's part that caused the incident. The
British articles did not provide many explanations or consider cases,
but at the same time, they were biased, as they suggested that the
incident was a result of America's recklessness, and not linked to
Italian procedures.

All three articles were effective in their own style and considered
various aspects, which the articles could not have done individually.
This all helped in making the articles informative and accessible.

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