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Comparing The Earth on Turtle's Back, When Grizzlies Walked Upright, And the Navajo Origin Legend

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Comparing The Earth on Turtle's Back, When Grizzlies Walked Upright, And the Navajo Origin Legend

When this world came to being, there was no single explanation of its
origin. Many Native American tribes and other religious groups
throughout the world created their own origin or creation myths for
the earth on a whole or just the people of the earth. The basis of
these myths was cultural and social beliefs of the many different
tribes around the world. The Earth on Turtle's Back, When Grizzlies
Walked Upright, and The Navajo Origin Legend are the three creation
myths by the Onondaga, the Modoc, and the Navajo. Each of these myths
are by far original and different, yet at the same time share many of
the customs, attitudes, and beliefs of each of the individual groups,
which were revealed to us throughout the stories. Origin Legends not
only teach how a natural aspect of the world came to being, but also
dives into the soul of the tribe that created a specific legend. If
read closely enough, so much can be learned about the li...

... middle of paper ...

...stoms and beliefs of
their own tribes. These three aspects greatly portray the culture and
lifestyles of the Native tribes these legends belong to. They not only
teach us the variety in culture but also their creativity and ability
to create their oral traditions. Creation myths were also a great way
to teach the young of the tribe the type of values they would have to
live up to and what kind of lives they should lead. It was a great was
to get multiple messages across to their own people and the entire

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