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Critical Analysis of an Incident

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The purpose of this essay is to critically examine an incident from
recent practice whilst using a model of reflection. This will enable
me to analyse and make sense of the incident and draw conclusions
concerning personal learning outcomes. The meaning of critical
analysis and critical incidents will briefly be discussed followed by
the process of reflection. The incident will then be described and
analysed and then I will discuss issues raised in light of the recent
literature relating to the incident. I will conclude with explaining
what I have learned from the experience and how it will change my
future actions.

Critical analysis involves assessing the differences, beliefs,
benefits and disadvantages of a situation. (Polit and Hungler 1999).
Burns and Bulman (2000) express that it is an important skill in
professional practice and academic work. Engaging in critical analysis
is a positive and constructive process as it identifies any strengths
and weaknesses. (Girot 2001)

Burns & Bulman (2000) described cr...

... middle of paper ... be the only long-term solution to the
problem of obesity. It is important that we all strive to establish a
culture that reduces the consumption of high fat foods and also
encourages physical activity.

The whole experience of reflecting on my practice has enabled me to
make sense of the event and put my thoughts and feelings into
perspective. If the situation was to arise in the future I am
confident that the knowledge and experience that I gained from the
incident will in turn improve my nursing practice.

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