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The Role of Water in Living Organisms

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The Role of Water in Living Organisms

Water is one of the most abundant molecules on planet earth; it is
found in vast amounts not only in earthly enviroments (oceans, lakes
and rivers), but is also present in the atmosphere, and as solid ice
in the two poles. Consequently it is rather logical that water plays
an important role in biological life: the origins of life occurred in
water and life itself wouldn't be able to continue in it's absence .

I will now describe the structure of a water molecule. It consists of
an oxygen atom covalently bonded to two other atoms of hydrogen. The
two bonds form a 105 degrees angle with eachother, but for the reason
that oxygen is more electronegative than hydrogen, the shared electron
charge of the covalent bond is distributed more towards this atom,
making the water molecule weakly polar. Always due to reasons related
to the distribution of the charge water is able to form weak hydrogen
bonds, both to other water molecules and also to many other types of
polar molecules. This is a ve...

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