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The Main Events in William Golding's Lord of The Flies

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The Main Events in William Golding's Lord of The Flies

There are three events that stand out in the last three chapters of
the book. I have chosen the fight between Jack's tribe and Ralph's
group that results in the loss of Piggy's glasses, Piggy's death and
the sailor finding them all at the end. I have chosen these because
they stick out from their chapters and have a something special about
each one.

In the chapter "The Shell and The Glasses", Ralph and Piggy are trying
to come to terms with Simon's death. During the night, they are in one
of the huts when a voice is heard from heard form outside. It is
asking for Piggy, and they assume it's the beast. Piggy starts having
an asthma attack (I assume this because it says "he had his asthma")
and Ralph moves away, only to be ambushed in the dark.

They attacking group are described as animals, with a "vicious snarl"
and the "thump of living things". The Tribe have left humanity behind
for this sequence, reverting to brute force in order to get what they
need. I li...

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