Essay about Clemenceau, Lloyd-George, and Wilson at the Paris Peace Conference

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Clemenceau, Lloyd-George, and Wilson at the Paris Peace Conference

In 1919 at the end of WW1, 32 nations met in Paris, including the
leaders of France, Britain and USA; Clemenceau, Lloyd-George and
Woodrow Wilson. Each of these three countries was determined to
present the interests' of their nations at the Peace Conference. "The
victors wished to secure a permanent peace based on reconciliation
with their foes, but at the same time they wished to punish those
guilty of causing the war."[1]

Georges Clemenceau only desired revenge and a punitive peace with
Germany. The French government was determined to force Germany to pay
back war reparations; for the money borrowed, the reconstruction of
France, and the losses incurred due to the war. Clemenceau also wanted
Germany to take full responsibility for the war, thus humiliating her
and making her liable for full reparation claims.

After WW1, France wished to take advantage of Germany's weak state to
boost her own power. Clemenceau demanded to reduce Germany's
manufacturing, coal, and iron industry, by pledging to take
Alsace-Lorraine, the Rhineland, Upper Silesia and East Prussia. "For
Clemenceau, victory had given Francea short term advantage, which she
should exploit before Germany's larger population and greater economic
strength reasserted itself."[2]

Other than financial gain, Clemenceau understood the possibility of
military threat from Germany emerging in the future. He believed the
only way to maintain peace was to rearm; and disable Germany so it
would be unable to attack. Clemenceau also aimed to establish a
protective barrier between itself and Germany, and wante...

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...nomic and military sanctions,
the League of Nations intended to protect collective security. A new
level of open and democratic international relations would be
established, with social, political and economic problems being
thoroughly dealt with.


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