Prospero as a Self-Centred Magician Who Demonstrates Some of the Worst Qualities

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Prospero as a Self-Centred Magician Who Demonstrates Some of the Worst Qualities

"The Tempest" was one of Shakespeare's last plays and unlike the
earlier ones didn't really fit into any certain genre, instead it had
elements of all the themes within it:

Also a lot of his plays had sad endings, take "Romeo and Juliet" a
very romantic play that had a tragic ending but this changed when he
was writing his last plays and so they had happier endings which
contained an element of forgiveness and new beginnings.

"Let your indulgence set me free."

It is set in the Mediterranean and has connections with Italy like
many of Shakespeare's plays such as "The Merchant Of Venice" and
"Romeo and Juliet".

The statement appears to be rather harsh as it seems certain aspects
of Prospero's personality and character, as well as some of the
qualities he possesses which become apparent later on in the play
haven't been taken into consideration.

"I do forgive, unnatural though thou art."

He possess some very good qualities as is shown later on in the play,
one of these qualities is his ability to forgive, as he manages to
forgive most of the people who transgressed against him.

However the statement isn't completely incorrect since at times
Prospero is portrayed as very self-centred, calculating, threatening
and cruel!

"If thou murmur's, I will rend thee an oak and peg thee."

His cruelty and threats are mainly directed at Caliban who in turn
claims to have been "usurped" by Prospero.

His role on the island, is that of ruler. He could almost be
considered to be directing everything that occurs on the island, this
is down...

... middle of paper ...

...t the character of Prospero.

Admittedly Prospero can at first be to some degree described as a
"self-centred magician" but this is not true throughout the play. As
the evidence shows, he is only possessing of the worst traits when
there is reason to be: being dumped on an island, the plots to
overthrow him, Caliban's attempted rape and so on. It shows how
bighearted he is that even after all that he is willing to forgive,
even though many wouldn't be if in his shoes.

Also at the time when his "enemy" Alonso was about to be assassinated
by his own brother Prospero intervened, showing that he knows right
form wrong.

In the end Prospero is just a man with a passion for his books which
led him to his misfortune but he manages to acquit himself by
forgiving others and appealing to the audience in his final speech.

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