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Rapid Industrial Development and Environmental Problems

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Rapid Industrial Development and Environmental Problems

Modern manufacturing processes produce large quantities of waste
products, including gases, effluents and solid materials. Companies
view these industrial wastes merely as unwanted but inevitable
by-products of economic activity, and the cheapest way to dispose of
them is by dumping the pollutants into rivers, seas, landfill sites
and the atmosphere. However they have many adverse effects beyond the
factory site, threatening human health and damaging the environment.
It is this negative externality of the manufacturing industry that
makes it one of the major sources of environmental pollution today.

Agglomerated industrial development localises pollution problems, and
this influences how it is felt on different scales. The disbenefits of
pollution fall unevenly on the population, being strongly influenced
by where people live. Polluting factories tend to be most concentrated
in neighbourhoods of low house hold income, meaning that the poor are
the hardest hit by the...

... middle of paper ...

... nitrous oxides contributing significantly to
global warming and the thinning of the ozone layer.

It can therefore be said that the statement 'rapid industrial
development almost always leads to environmental problems' is true, as
demonstrated on Teesside, where industrial development on the
conurbation beside the river Tees has led to numerous social and
environmental problems, both through the dumping of waste products on
land or in rivers and through accidental gas leaks, many of which
proving to be fatal.

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